New fibre laser with automation

To ensure we meet the demands of our long standing customers growth Broxton have invested in a Trumpf Trulaser 1030 4KW fiber laser with LiftMaster Compact sheet load and unload automation.

This significant investment comes delivers fiber laser with LiftMaster Compact sheet load and unload automation. There has been a step change in laser cutting technology when traditional mirrors were replaced with fibre optics, and direct drive motors vastly improved the travel time of the cutting head. The biggest increases in productivity are found in cutting thinner sheet with an average thickness of 1.5mm resulting in significantly increased capacity.

We have invested in full automation to support our strategy of a single shift with lights out production; with our Laser automation is all the more important as it significantly reduces the risk of introducing handling marks on the sheet and the laser cut parts.

  • Without tooling and using the latest nesting software, we can more economically cut different parts on the same sheet.
  • Using improved fiber technology which is not susceptible to beam reflection, a much wider variety of material types, including copper and higher purity aluminium can be cut.
  • Integrated camera technology also enables us to manufacture combination punch/laser parts for the first time, which on certain parts can be advantageous.
  • Combining speed and automation, this investment will provide a step change in capacity which assists us to drive service levels up.

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New fibre laser with automation


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