Our new software to improve your hardware

Alongside our recent investment in 24/7 automated 5-axis milling we have made another significant investment in CAM software in a switch from Hexegon Manufacturing’s Edgecam software to HyperMILL by Openminds Software. Solidworks is widely used in our design and engineering department and HyperMILL integrates with Solidworks allowing us to work with 3D models for full simulation of machining and collision detection.

Our recently expanded engineering team includes two of our younger generation engineers who began as apprentices in the machine shop, Liam Clapham and James Hayward. Liam and James have been instrumental in combining their, now considerable, machining knowledge with what they have learned through training on our new HyperMILL software. We are proud that the next generation of Broxton engineers are working with state-of-the-art software and machines.

  • Full machining simulation and collision detection help us to shift job development from the shop floor into the Engineering Department, increasing time spent on R&D
  • Productivity benefits from machine tools focused on cutting metal
  • Quality improvements from focussing on ‘right first time’.
  • Engineering team expanded and training undertaken.

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Our new software to improve your hardware


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