Safeguarding against energy costs

In August 2022 when natural gas supply was at risk and energy prices were rising to unprecedented levels, we saw the potential for our natural gas supply to become a very major issue in 2023. A particular concern for powder coating which uses a significant amount of energy.

Following a comprehensive review we looked to switch our operations from natural gas to LPG. This would allow us to control costs more effectively without increase to our business or extra costs to our clients.

We took the steps to have concrete bases laid to accommodate 5 x 1 ton tanks to store liquid gas. Whilst this was happening, in January 2023, we secured a last minute viable natural gas 12 month contract.

This will be reviewed in a years time, but with the LPG infrastructure in place, should it be an issue we will make the switch and make sure we’re operating, as best we can, at the best commercial price for our clients.

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Safeguarding against energy costs


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