Remaining competitive in the face of rising costs

Elecrtic Gas Summary

Every business, like every household in the UK, is facing unprecedented price increases on so many fronts.

At Broxton we have seen our energy costs, amongst other items, literally go through the roof. But rather than fully absorb or just pass these rises on we have reviewed every aspect of our operation to make savings wherever possible.

For instance, introducing LED lighting throughout all our buildings, fitting sensors that automatically turn off lighting when a room is empty, investing in energy efficient machinery and consolidating our painting process to 4 days a week, without loss of production, has all combined enabled us to reduce our energy usage by a massive 15%.

This proactive approach isn’t just limited to the Broxton Management either as we are involving and responding to our employees’ suggestions to reduce waste and mitigate costs at every level.

Collectively, and in conjunction with expert materials purchasing, the introduction of these innovative measures has ensured we can offer better price stability and continue to make sure our prices are competitive.

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