Apprentice development

We are delighted to welcome our very own apprentice, Tyler Gerring, into a full-time buying role. Tyler began his Mechanical Manufacturing apprenticeship in August 2017 with a day a week at college and the remaining days at Broxton. At college Tyler learned about Health & Safety as well as specialist machine operator training.

We asked Tyler to tell us about his journey through apprenticeship into a full-time position: –

“In the engineering line of work, you quickly develop and reinforce problem solving skills, as many difficulties and challenges can arise, and it’s up to you to try to figure out how to fix them.

A lot of these problem-solving skills I can apply to every-day things to make life easier for me, whether finding a less time-consuming way of completing a task or creating an easier path to the solution.

I would say the best thing I’ve done since getting to Broxton is quickly picking up the skills and knowledge of machining and not stopping there; but then getting cross-trained on different sections and aspects of the company, this includes inspection, packing, assembly, punching, paint shop and now purchasing. “

We also asked Tyler where he would recommend an apprenticeship at Broxton and this is what he said: –

“Broxton are a great company to be an apprentice for if you are looking for a career in machining or in the sheet metal industry. They are a sub-contractor which means that they don’t make the same parts day in day out we make what we have orders for, this can be anything from lights fixtures to aerospace components to tiny components for valves. The work is never the same, so you get a good chance to develop well rounded skills from all sorts of operations and jobs. “

Tyler is picking up the buying role very quickly and we wish him every success in the role.

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