Complete 3D Model Capability

Making parts using 3D model data

Now for the first time, we can use customer supplied 3D model data for ALL metal cutting processes, including punching, laser cutting, Heidenhain milling and now Mazatrol milling.

The addition of Mazak Smooth and Camware software, enables us to use customer 3D model data on our latest Mazak mills, improving productivity and reducing programming error.

And to complete the circle, we can use the same 3D model data to validate parts on our CNC CMM.


Validating parts using 3D model data

Now for the first time, with are able to compare physical parts to their 3D model.  Using the latest 3D software upgrade on our Aberlink CNC CMM, we are able to programme the CMM offline to measure a part, then automatically measure the part and fully validate it against the 3D model.

A comprehensive dimensional report generated on the CMM completes the process, ensuring that parts are made correctly even in the absence of fully dimensioned drawings.


Make it Perfect

We still like to have detailed drawings to complete the spec (tolerance, materials, finishing), but now we can make the most of your 3D models.

By applying the latest manufacturing technology, we are able to maintain the highest levels of quality control and productivity making us your perfect manufacturing partner.

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