Mastering the art of a perfect

At Broxton we understand the importance of a good finish. Which is why we invested heavily to create a world-class powder coating and first-class screen print facility.

We also skillfully supplement automated spraying with manual spraying to ensure a uniform coating, even in the most difficult of corners.

The end result is a higher quality finish, produced with less waste whilst keeping costs down and output up.

Perfect Finish

Broxton – The finishing experts


Automated &
manual spraying

We combine state of the art
automation working with
experienced hand spraying

Reducing Waste

Reducing powder
waste by 45%

Dramatically reducing
waste limits what goes
in to landfill

Clean Room

Clean room

Eliminating air born
contaminates for
high quality printing



Shorter lead times,
lower costs, less waste
and controllable quality


World-class powder

We skillfully combine state of the art automated spraying with experienced manual spraying to ensure the perfect finish. The process starts with a 3-stage iron phosphate pre-treatment to thoroughly clean the substrate.

After drying, parts go through powder application, where 6 automated guns and 2 manuals apply the powder. We use pump technology to eliminate flow variation and improve film thickness for accurate powder application. All powder, whether virgin or reclaimed, goes through an ultrasonic sieve to filter out any contaminates for a perfect finish.

Operated with the utmost due care and attention by our trained team the whole process delivers a higher quality finish with less waste at greater efficiency and all at increased output.

Screen print finishing that’s

With over 30 years experience printing high quality 2 pack inks into metal parts your product couldn’t be in better hands.

We have our very own in-house clean room facility, where airborne contaminates and fibers that readily stick to wet ink, the enemy of the screen print process, are minimised. The result is a reliable process for high quality print every time.

Whilst our dark room facility enables rapid screen print production resulting in shorter lead times, lower costs, less waste and enhanced quality.


Laser Sharp

Laser marking that’s
Laser sharp

For permanent marking or engraving on metals and plastics, Broxton’s advanced laser marking technology is supremely accurate, consistent and durable.

We can apply laser marking to bare, painted or anodised metal, and is often ideal for branding and part marking.

There are certain limitations on colour and image size (max mark area 180x180mm) but our experience guarantees complete satisfaction every time.

The complete

Versatility is key to Broxton’s assembly service. If you wish we can build complete assemblies, such as TV lifts and LED lighting, ready for the end-user and distribution directly to market. We can also provide bespoke packaging, which in the case of a full box build could include fixing kits, printed instructions, and safety labels.

Complete package

Broxton – Your trusted PRODUCTION partner



Work closely
together to achieve



lead times
and costs



quality and



innovations and

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