New automation investment boosts capacity

It’s all about delivery, quality and lead time.  As part of our continuous improvement programme, we’re making a further significant investment in automated CNC production, providing more capacity to produce milled and turned parts ‘lights out’ through the night.

We expect to take delivery of our new Mazak Quickturn 250 MSY in December 2018.  Supplementing our current Quickturn 200 MSY which can bar feed 65mm diameter, our new machine can bar feed 80mm diameter material giving us scope to mill and turn larger parts.

Not only can this world-class CNC machine produce parts unmanned, it can also finish the part in one operation.  Being able to machine one end of the part before passing to the sub-spindle to finish the back end can reduce the number of operations from three to just one, eliminating inefficient secondary operations and dramatically reducing lead times.  This aerospace part below runs light out and comes off our machine finished and ready for plating.


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