Sailing Through Engineering

Here at Broxton, we believe it’s very important to help encourage and inspire the younger generation, introducing them to the world of Engineering. Our aim is to demonstrate the variety of stimulating challenges available and allow them the opportunity to be creative.

This summer, we opened Broxton’s doors to 17- year-old Henry Wigston, Head boy at Pates Grammar school in Cheltenham, who spent a week’s work experience with us. When he’s not at school, Henry has a passion for sailing and will spend a lot of his free time on the lakes in South Cerney. Like many, his hobbies do vary, with another being an engrossment in engineering, as he enjoys being creative and making things at home. Knowing his keen interest in Engineering, we took the opportunity to inspire him and decided on a suitable design and manufacturing project.

Having just one week, it provided a fun hands-on challenge for Henry and also our engineering trainee, George, who assisted him. We felt it would be great to get the two together and by combining their thoughts and ideas, would allow them both to come away from the project with an achievement, having gained further knowledge from one another.

Together they scoped the project to something achievable within this time scale and the challenge was to design and manufacture a Go-Pro mount, which would attach onto Henry’s sailing boat mast, allowing him to film aerial shots.

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