Delighting our customers with Sheet metalwork and Machining

In today’s business environment just knowing your craft isn’t sufficient. Which is why at Broxton our approach extends above and beyond production. From day one, in responding to any new or existing client, we work closely with them to develop a clear understanding. We are happy to share ideas and appoint the right team and production process to ensure our client’s get exactly what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Of course, you’d expect us to say all this, so rather than just take our word, here are some words of recommendation from one of our most recent new clients:

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Broxton. Their extensive shared knowledge has injected a refreshing breeze into an industry notorious for keeping its cards close to the chest. Every phase of our partnership has been exceptional, from the initial meeting with Marcus and Simon at Broxton headquarters, where there was an immediate understanding of the desired outcome. To the highly productive team meetings with Liam, James, and the team. Remarkably, they even hand deliver their product. Broxton stands out as one of the top-tier suppliers I’ve encountered in my 9-year tenure in motorsport engineering. I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration.”

Ben, Production Manager, Leading tech company in Automotive sector

Automotive Sector

Delighting our customers with Sheet metalwork and Machining


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