A culture of continuous

Broxton was founded in 1973 and whilst that means we have vast experience and knowledge it doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. To keep pace with growing customer demands our culture at Broxton is one of continuous improvement. Year on year investment in both R&D and in new machinery, driving efficiency, whilst continually reviewing our business processes to make them even better.

Our significant investments in skills, technology and systems all mean you benefit from industry leading levels of service, quality, and cost.

Continuous Development

Why choose Broxton?



A wealth
of experience with
50 years in the industry



Long standing
skilled and capable



We can manage your
part supply from design
through to delivery

Future Proof


Continual investment
for industry leading

Dependable quality

quality and reliability

Achieving Broxton’s level of consistent quality and reliable delivery demands leading-edge operational and quality management systems. Our quality system has been ISO approved for over twenty years, and our operational systems are under continuous development to enhance the service we provide.

With a strong focus on customer service and retention, we aim to provide a balance of quality, service and cost which delivers outstanding value for money.

Getting it right first time
and repeat

You can rely on Broxton to manage your part supply throughout its lifecycle. When you have a new part for manufacture our team work with you from the outset. We provide technical input to enhance part design and prototype all new parts. This debugs all design and process issues, improves quality, and ensures manufacturing is efficient and delivers a consistent product every time. Importantly, ongoing R&D activity ensures your parts continue to benefit from improvement year after.


Environmental responsibility

An environmental

At Broxton we see it as our duty to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible. We are committed to observing all environmental laws and regulations, and our management system is programmed to help us achieve this.

Our aim is to eliminate the generation of wastes of all kinds and reduce our energy consumption. Investment in our world-class paint system has enabled us to recycle waste powder from the process, reducing powder waste by 45% and dramatically reducing waste to landfill.

A skilled and capable

To make a quality product you need quality people. To keep them at their best team members receive regular training to increase multi-skilling – a key component in building resilient and flexible capability – and helpful in overcoming production bottlenecks or holiday cover. The success of our approach is repaid in loyalty with a high proportion of employees staying with us for decades.

Also, an attractive benefit for customers who can feel confident they have a dependable team that understands their production requirements. And for the future we see apprenticeships and traineeships as an essential feed of young and enthusiastic people into the team.

Skilled workforce


For a more fulfilling career
work for us

At Broxton we know our people are our most important assets whatever their role. We’re a family business that believes in helping every employee realise their potential, and offer development for both broad-based and high level skills. If you have the right experience and outlook, you’ll be joining a great team of people that benefit from working for a caring, forward-looking company.